Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Started off Anal

So after being Jet lagged from Philly, I made my way to my first scene monday shooting for Combat zone Anal Style MY FAVORITE!! I shot with Mike Adriano who is HUGE! But sexy as hell with his Spaniard accent and green eyes! The scene was awesome but he used soooooooo much lube that after the scene and 6 hours later I still had lube coming out my ass! But for the rest of the day my asshole felt free as a bird! Cherp Cherp!
Than today not only did I hook up With Awesome Smash Pictures, and get my smooth little T waxed and cleaned but I had my first BBG scene for www.creampiesquad.com that ended with 2 loads of cum in my little va gi gi, not going to I loved it because of the talent could eat pussy like no tomorrow, and found my G spot and made me cum twice, I am greedy and love to have someone who know what they are doing go down on me. We did several positions switching from one guy to the other. We even did Vag Piledrive. which left me with little T va gi gi fluffs, meaning farts.. but fluffs sound less dirty :) It was great the team I worked with was fast kept up the energy and I recommend girls to the for sure. But one things for sure my little va gi gi has felt the love for the night.
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