Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am Miss T with my little T attached

So I absolutely love it when I hear what others are saying about me whether it be good or bad or in between because no matter what I get to learn and see how I can either get better or keep continuing to do my best.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Squash in Ass what a tasty morsel!

SO here's my sneak preview of my FTV girl shoot! Which like I said was absolutely amazing and fun as hell...  yes I stuck a squash and cucumber in my ass!! This week I can't wait I will be making a lot of you guys happy because Im getting my in on Thursday! I'm ready for a big cum shot! WOOT WOOT! and than my also on Friday. Should be a good week, than I get to go to my first LA party on Saturday, and if you have been following me and truly getting to know me I am not a MASSIVE party girl, but this time should be fun I actually get to dress up. I'm a little nervous but will be OK! Many exciting things should start happening in LA for me.. I guess being back from Philly was a good move, don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE the east coast, but things happen and I'm here for good. Lets just keep me busy right?!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I want to play this part

So I don't know if you guys remember but I REALLY REALLY want to do the parody for black swan and play Natalie Portman and do her masturbation scene I mean its sooo hot and I would do well at it  seriously image me doing this! A girl pleasuring herself is so sexy and they usually know just how to do it and correctly at that! making the pussy nice wet, and juicy how can you go wrong?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ANAL for good.

In La and had a very lonely valentines day, but after that I think I need to vent... as everyone knows I am an ANAL lover, why because it works for me. So its getting old when people tell me stop doing anal, or why did you start with anal? Its because I love it for one and two it works better for me! I am not going to stop doing something I love especially taking it up the ass to make others happy. If you don't like it oh well this is the one thing thats my nic! and I love! So Im not going to stop taking it up the ass and thats final my choice is made up. but besides, my little vent my valentines day was spent without a valentine. but I rather have spent it alone than someone I am not interested in or unhappy with. I guess thats why I fly solo. Nothing wrong with that, sense Im 21 now I had a glass of wine and played with myself, it turned out to be a good day without it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


When I got to Arizona I thought I was just going to be playing with myself, and call it good. But boy was I wrong, and glad that I was wrong at the same time. I was picked up in a very nice car and taken back to this house that was in  gorgeous. I feel asleep and woke up to a stunning sunrise, couldn't wait for the day to begin... my producer who I will call BJ was fun, he took me to breakfast and that where I had my first encounter, I flashed the camera as I was walking down to the restaurant, I felt a rush go to my body but a good one.. after that it just continued. We headed off to a car wash where I never giggled so much and did my AH face.. I literally fingered myself while the car was hand washed.. the guys washing the car were watching like no tomorrow.. than we got out of the car and I upskirted the camera as we walked in to pay the bill, I than sat down outside and did a finger masturbation again and literally 5 guys that worked at the car wash stood to the side watching and smiling. Im not going to lie I liked the attention and attraction I was getting. After the car was ready we headed back to the house where I discovered the best toy ever~~
Its called the VibraKing and that he is I not only orgasm-ed once but 3 times!! after that we went to our next stop which was the gym, where I wore my "working on my fitness" shorts. that was fun as I went on each machine popping my boobs out as I benched pressed or did pull ups. It was crazy, we did have an angry man that didn't approve but oh well he just glared. I tried to kick box and even though I am not good my vagina showed a lot! I than made a suggestion to BJ lets go to the grocery store and pick some veggies out and Ill stick them in me! He thought I was nuts but we did, we headed to the grocery store and I picked out some veggies we went up an aisle and I popped that sucker in my butt like no tomorrow, yes in the ass! You know Im an anal girl.. after insertion I took a bite, how could I miss the opportunity being a vegetarian and all!

The next one I was quite the looker I looked straight from the80's wearing neon green and hot pink tights. We drove to a busy busy parking lot full of angry housewives and old men. but I got out of the car and started dancing just dancing no music and than started flashing as well. I got honked at and car stopped. Once again a new high this has created for me! I love being naked but now doing it in places "unacceptable" makes it all the better. What a blast I had and worked with one INCREDIBLE guy. I wouldn't send just any girl his way, only ones I think deserve the privilege to work with him. Hopefully the fans at FTV like me enough to bring me back! I could always use another go at the Vibeking!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friends Request...

I couldnt help but giggle at my interview  on innocent high,  it was so true and so me! but It turned out to be on hot scene just as much as I enjoyed it! The scenario was the best part, I only accept your friends request if I fucked you! that meant everyone on my friends list I fucked. HAHAA.. but  now it time to get ready for my next adventure in Phoenix working for FTVgirls. Its going to be more based around just me and pleasuring myself. But how can you go wrong with that? I love to give myself an orgasm and make myself cum! And I need to get my grind on because not having sex, is sooo boring. I really found that I enjoy not just having it but have become a bit addicted nothing like tiger woods though! I am stoked to leave the armpit of California and get back to work its been fun, hanging with the family cooking, laughing and watching lifetime...but now Playboy is calling me...Muah

Behind The Scenes: Trinity St. Clair (18+)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Meat I do like...

          My birthday was fabulous I have never felt more loved by people! And plus I went to the casino and WON at 21 go figure! I had drinks sent my way and eyes elevating me up and down, love the attention but I want to just have fun. My first drink I ordered was a mimosa, very tasty. All in all even though I was with my grandma and mom I had a great time. I am getting anxious though being in such a small town with nothing to do and no one to do...what have I been doing in the spare time, well playing with myself, getting taxes ready, cooking with the family and hanging out before I leave for FTV girls and Naughty Midwest girls.. . Cooking has been fun, even though I am a vegetarian I can cook and still use meat when I cook. Even though I am Italian I love to make stirfrys, but I do have a specialty Lasagna I make! I love the smell of home cooking and how the aroma can fill the room but I have to but my sex tidbit in and say there is one meat I still eat and thats cock, and of course it good to me! and one things for sure is that no matter whos dick I am sucking I can make it look yummy and bigger, because I am so petite! There you go boys, get a small girl and she will make you look bigger! Yummo!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Im not going to lie I even though I take great photos, I have some funny ass facial expressions whether its during sex, or leading up to it! No matter what the face shows the emotion... and often time Im either enjoying it or trying to get the dick inside me, because it often times is a little big! but we all know put it in my butt and WOO HOO in it slides.. but during blowjobs, sex, solos, I have caught myself with some funny faces and hey you gotta realize Im taking 200 shots per set so give me a break I try to make them all good but got to be goofy in some! But looking at the pictures I think I look good when I get a good facial, or in Reverse Cowgirl, which is becoming a new favorite position of mine, still not a doggie girl... just not comfortable that way. So Favorites are Missionary, Semi pile drive, and reverse cowgirl! Anyways still sex deprived but looking at photos is working

Hey but I was also nominated at ATK for March babe I hope you guys are voting for me That would be a killer birthday gift to win!