Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Im not going to lie I even though I take great photos, I have some funny ass facial expressions whether its during sex, or leading up to it! No matter what the face shows the emotion... and often time Im either enjoying it or trying to get the dick inside me, because it often times is a little big! but we all know put it in my butt and WOO HOO in it slides.. but during blowjobs, sex, solos, I have caught myself with some funny faces and hey you gotta realize Im taking 200 shots per set so give me a break I try to make them all good but got to be goofy in some! But looking at the pictures I think I look good when I get a good facial, or in Reverse Cowgirl, which is becoming a new favorite position of mine, still not a doggie girl... just not comfortable that way. So Favorites are Missionary, Semi pile drive, and reverse cowgirl! Anyways still sex deprived but looking at photos is working

Hey but I was also nominated at ATK for March babe I hope you guys are voting for me That would be a killer birthday gift to win!

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