Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Im such a tease!!

Well things moved fast for reality kings I shot for them on tues and I was up on the site friday!! thats what I call a fast turnaround!! check me out at RK http://www.rk.com/street-blowjobs/back_door_loving/home.htm?id=barelist! BAck door loving I love the title! More good news my exhibitionism time down hollywood blvd is out!!http://www.teasersvod.com/tour/models/2011-05-May/Trinity_StClair.php its so much fun and amazing! than this last week I had some good and fun scene that are going to dominate and I can't wait for them to come out! the first one was for www.swallowingangels.com but don't be decieved because I didn't go there for a swallow but I did an anal scene instead! I'll be coming back for a swallow soon though! after that I shot for Jules Jordan and that was a great scene not only did I get to fuck Roman Nomar and his Spaniard accent but ANAL! The movie is going to be Anal Playground I do hope I get the boxcover!!! I did crazy positions with him though! we started with reverse cowgirl standing up anal! and his dick went so deep into me I felt like it might come out my throat but it felt so good, and I wanted more! throughout the entire video we gaped and fucked and moved from on position to another! I could have licked him until no ends! I was a happy girl after that scene. but other than that this Friday Im off to Kinks.com for Wired Pussy, excited and nervous all in one! And most excitingly I have my own clips4sale store, you fans better check it out!! Im having a blast making them! http://clips4sale.com/studio/45260/Trinity-St-Clair#startingpoint

ok might have to add more to this but I need to go play with Little T shes going nuts!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Strap me on and ride me Good

Shay Golden and I


MY CRUSH Molly Cavalli

on set

Busy intense sexual moments have been going on.. and no stop movement. I did a free shoot for www.freeones.com to show my love for them! Prior to my trip to Florida I got pulled over and got out of it by  showing Little T to the Officer, why yes the Vagina wins over tickets and officers.. Also She was freshly waxed and smooth as a babys bottom! Went to Florida and took it up the ass for bang bros www.mygf.com and RK Pov style. And I already have to go back for more just couldn't get enough! Plus I got to meet my crush Molly cavalli from Molly's life and I get to play with her soon! I also finally met Shay Golden and the blonde and burnett correspond great together. for all those guys that want us to fuck don't worry soon enough My trip there was to short but And next week I get to shoot with Freshface films, Jules Jordan, and Kinks. Im fucking a machine, Roman Nomar and someone else special! I have had tons of content come out...


Tie me up!
www.girlsinabind.com, www.karupsha.com, and www.18eighteen.com(I shot that scene last December and went by Taylor Jean) but I loved my Karupsha.com shoot sexy as hell! Came back from Florida and straped on a dick, and dominated a man! he liked it too! I knew I could be a vicious one! I may appear sweet and innocent but bring out the dominatrix in me and I might scare you but you will come back for more!

I fuck you hard

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fucking like crazy next week!

talent on right!

home sweet home!
Wheres Trinity been? having sex, getting her own place, and having bad Karma! But now its time to get down and dirty! I had a scene for zero tolerance that finally happen and was crazy!! I was literally sitting in the chair for hair and make up and my male talent walked in the door and I started to laugh because Christian xxx is 6.5 and  250 easily maybe more... I thought he was going to break me in half, if not in half he could swallow me whole in one gulp. I couldn't wait to get my anal play on with him! before the shoot he threw me around his shoulders and I could have done the whole scene riding him that way! he was impressed at how easily I could slide his dick into my ass compared to Little T but my ass is a black hole... I have officially set up shoot to work with Kinks.com for the fucking machine and everythingbutts, I know the sites are more intense my only limit is no pulling the hair and if the male talent does I will bitch slap him so fast his head will spend.. who's your bitch now?! lol wow don't know where that came from? I guess the little hellion that I am. I can't wait for those, anticipation is everything! I have a bondage scene this Friday Im liking the S&M more and more. Than next week is the go getting scenes flying to FL to shoot for RK on monday, Bangbros on tues and wed Atlanta and than thurs and sat finally shooting for Jessiesmonsterfacials! busy busy girl next week! so this week has been nice to focus on getting settled in my new apartment that needs to be christened in every room on every surface as soon as possible! back to walking around in my birthday suit! and theres a pool so skinny dipping is a must!! So theres my short update as to where I have been and doing, sorry about slacking shame on me! but Im getting my sex on and trying to stay on the brighter side.... feel free to send me a housewarming gift luvs http://amzn.com/w/1Z1MI44TZ7U6I and scouts honor you get something in return!