Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Anal Loving Bisexual!


Well not only did I get the shoot with Gf Films but 3!! I worked with so killer talent and fun all older with experience my first scene was with Magdalene St Michaels. a woman who brought on more passion and  sensuality to the scene... she knocked my first gg out of the park and thank god she did! she cumed I cumed and she made me cum again! the thing that I wasnt use to seeing, feeling or tasting were the fake boobies... but god please the plastic surgeon in LA. Now you know I will never get them myself don't want them and dont need them. but if I can suck on them of another woman PERRRFECT!!! after that scene I jumped into the next one with Brandi Love, a woman who's body doesnt fit her age! she could be a 20 year old.. having sex with that was plain fun and steamy! Than we run into sex with Cindy Crave who busted out a strap on on me going ANAL ... yes Anal and I loved it! As did cindy, I fucking think that scene needs to win an AVN because I was wetter than a fish and Cindy ravished me as if she had not ate in a month! So Why I am fucking all these girls and having the time of my life, I OFFICIALLY became an FTVGIRL and my scenes up and out! everyone better check my exhibitionism out! I also had my Wicked Babysitters Gone Bad released! Where Rocco Reed and I get naughty while I am babysitting!
besides that scene coming out of course another one decided to come out of hiding and I hate when that happens and they dont tell the girl WTF! That one gave Little T a tough ride,
but let me tell you I am very happy, and so is little T I cant wait to see what this hot july brings hopefully hot and steamy sex for me!

By the way Trinity got another pussy to take care of!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Spill the Cum out

Update update, why am I slacking so much lately... been working to much I guess!  Plus I took some time to go home and see my family, fucking love masturbating on the couch watching cartoon while my mom is sitting right next to me! she usually just yells get your hands out of your pants!Well Success with 2 more dvds My insane scene with christian xxx 4 times the size of me! Teachers fucking students!,299.html and my lesbian film I didnt get boxcover on these but thats ok Im shooting for the boxcover of anal playground! exciting news for little T though I think I am learning how to squirt! because she has spit back in guys faces lately! and it starles them as much as it does me... I also have to be honest I wont be shooting for for those looking forward to it I thought I could handle it but me being my size right now its a little to intense for trinity and her body! forgive me those that were looking forward to it. I am excited because I will be heading into GF films to go meet the production crew! Getting more GG scene!!! YES thats what I really want more of! I love my anal but fuck GG is sexy as all get out! Also stoked  for a possible bgg with shay golden. And than working for JohnnyDarkko this weekend!  And ASS play on monday! Than Trinity has been getting some awesome gifts off her wishlist and I thank you guys for them(by sending out spoils back) than let me tell you about a little incident that happened in LA Trinity first party in LA she went to gets busted by LAPD because the venue didnt have a permit for selling liquor! WTF!!! My first thoughts are wheres my id because we all know Im the first to get carded. So also Trinity has an amusing and funny interview on youtube  where the cum comes out!! I love my BTS and interviews next stop howard stern lol!