Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its not my fault if you missed my face, I got you hard!!

Life has been good, porn and sex even better!! Busier than ever and soaking it up like a sponge. so where did I leave off , believe getting ready for my new sensations scene! which was intense, I worked with Danny Mountain and yes he was a mountain and I ran around it several times! I think his accent is what did it for me, nothing sexier than a man with an accent! I also did a christmas catalog shoot with my ride or die sister miss Riley Reid. Her and I are quite the pair. two peas in a pod!!! Dancing buddies for sure. Than I also did 2 shoots for Mr. JonniDarkko, had to do 2 because the first one the talent instead of cuming on my face for "FacialOverloads" ended up cuming all over my body. I think I intimidated him and distracted him a little too much. wasnt intenetional I promise.. maybe I did play with him a little more than I usually do, but it was fun! the second round though he did it perfect and layered me, and got both eyes on thing about having contacts is when cum gets on them they kinda become hazy, but the scene was awesome again! Type 9 Models and I had a blast at our first party at the highlands!! successful and fun as all get out and of course I got my share of action with my girls. I brushed the boyz off but kept the girls nice and close, it was more fun that way! I did have a scene Im going to complain about because it was an anal scene and my talent was not only tiny but couldn't stay hard, so not only was he the size of my thumb but he could stay hard in my ass and he didnt want me to move or say anything, I felt like I was just a dummy that he was trying to fuck! sorry but I get into my motion and movement( I enjoy sex for a reason). Mr Will Power was my next victim, and I got to trash talk him, I dont think Ive ever cursed so much in a scene before. different persona for sure! Little T has been getting lots of love but not so much anal play! but thats always a hit and miss good thing I love it in the personal life! I went on the radio for inside the industry you should listen to it here  Ill be hosting there next wednesday, YOU GOTTA LISTEN!
 and 3 more dvds out! and BOXCOVER
YAY for porn!! so this week involved time with bangbros and Fuckteam5! good stuff and tomorrow anal play with Mr. John Strong... next week Adam and eve, Brazzers tom Gunner and seeing Elton John!
also check out more videos at my vimeo and accounts and Also will be starting web camming and offering custom videos to those interested email me at! Love sex and little T, keeping going and loving life

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