Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Ate Spongebobs Dick





I tested the waters and went to my first event Adultcon, kinda interesting but now my hopes for exotica are insane! I took the advice of a few and played my school girl look! I think I stood out a bit, asked a lot if I really could handle dicks, my ass sure can! I think the best part of the WHOLE day was meeting the ones who actually knew who I was, and said they loved my work! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fans! You guys make my job even more enjoyable. Another priceless moment was when I bit off spongebobs dick! and it was a little flaky! check it out!! So besides that my first gangbang was a success! worked with Rico strong, Marc Anthony and Shaun Swipes. BOY OH BOY the scenario was great. and so was the boys humor... Rico wanted inside Little T seriously but it was an all anal shoot! ASS WIDE OPEN.

The new thing I now have is you can actually call me and yes I will be talking no one else!  I also attended Penthouse event which was a crazy time and I got celebrity struck, I met the machete and felt funny because I told him that he looked very familiar.. than from that event I went to a movie and met randy Jackson!! that was priceless I introduced myself as trinity he didnt believe that was my name and I told him that was my stage name, and he asked what I did I told him I was an adult actress while his daughter was standing right there! I think I turned 4 shades of red! but he was really laid back! Come on it was Randy Jackson! so theres my celebrity spill.. Yes I also am still going to pornstar karaoke every tuesday!
and next week I am working with my one and only JULIA ANN! she was on my to do list! its been exciting and love sharing my life with you, welcome to trinity's world

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summers hot but sex makes me hotter!

riding roman nomar
Another week of pornstar karaoke, anal sex, and family visit home! Success I think so! I believe my pornstar karaoke is going to become a weekly thing. I got up with Julia ann and sung I kissed a girl, manoman! of course julia ann is on my todo list! than my anal sex with Marco Banderas , who reminded me of Antonio Banderas there for I fucked him good for Devils film "Dont tell my wife I anal fucked the babysitter" I love the titles of porn videos! and this week is another shoot with Devils,3 guys and I my first gangbang anal!! shall be a blast! Adult Con is coming up soon and Miss CHARITY BANGS will be at my booth with me! Good Times to CUM ... my Hustler Barley Legal number 119 is out and the reviews are great and JULES JORDAN video comes out next week ANAL PLAYGROUND check out the trailer

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its been an ASStastic Week

I kissed a girl and I liked it!

Seymore Butts is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I'd get his names tattooed on my ass too! His shoot was soo much fun and the crew took care of everyone on set, and boy were there a lot, Kacey starr, charitybang, hollymariebryn, trina, and some other hotties!! I got three swings at anal too!!! was only suppose to have two anal sessions but than Christian XXX appeared and my panties got wet! So I couldnt let him be on set and not have him go inside me! One of the most fun parts of the scene was where bill bailey filled hollymarie and I up with water in the ass while in the pool and we became ANAL FOUNTAINS! quite the sight to see even better in the video. Than I had 2 great scenes out first where I am the first anal scene to appear on the site!!! going back this Friday to actually do the swallowing part! and my Hustler Barely Legal dvd number 119 where I lost my car virginity on the 405 during rush hour!! GOD I love my job and love my anal sex too! I am officially going to ADULTCON! SOOO pretty pretty please come see me at the LA convention on july 29-31st Ill make it worth your time! Ill have my own booth might be sharing it with a special girl, we will see!!! So what else did trinity do this week last week? She made a new girlfriend, miss hollymarie and I love making out at pornstar karaoke! where I met the real tommy gunn, who reminded me of guns and roses so of course he is on my "todo" list!!! Thanks to Powderxxx I now have a nightly tuesday route at sardos bar! fun times!
Also hopefully getting my shoot on with devils films soon, are some great guys right there!

pornstar karaoke with hollymarie

Time to go rest with my two pussys, little T and LULU! MEOW!