Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Ate Spongebobs Dick





I tested the waters and went to my first event Adultcon, kinda interesting but now my hopes for exotica are insane! I took the advice of a few and played my school girl look! I think I stood out a bit, asked a lot if I really could handle dicks, my ass sure can! I think the best part of the WHOLE day was meeting the ones who actually knew who I was, and said they loved my work! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fans! You guys make my job even more enjoyable. Another priceless moment was when I bit off spongebobs dick! and it was a little flaky! check it out!! So besides that my first gangbang was a success! worked with Rico strong, Marc Anthony and Shaun Swipes. BOY OH BOY the scenario was great. and so was the boys humor... Rico wanted inside Little T seriously but it was an all anal shoot! ASS WIDE OPEN.

The new thing I now have is you can actually call me and yes I will be talking no one else!  I also attended Penthouse event which was a crazy time and I got celebrity struck, I met the machete and felt funny because I told him that he looked very familiar.. than from that event I went to a movie and met randy Jackson!! that was priceless I introduced myself as trinity he didnt believe that was my name and I told him that was my stage name, and he asked what I did I told him I was an adult actress while his daughter was standing right there! I think I turned 4 shades of red! but he was really laid back! Come on it was Randy Jackson! so theres my celebrity spill.. Yes I also am still going to pornstar karaoke every tuesday!
and next week I am working with my one and only JULIA ANN! she was on my to do list! its been exciting and love sharing my life with you, welcome to trinity's world

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