Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shes breaking out Go Little T GO!!

So I hit the ground running and not looking back! I started the week out with one hell of a scene for and no I didn't have to be blond... Trinity is way to in love with her mysterious side. but I shocked the shit out of my guys I worked with Rico strong, Wesley pikes... both who I had worked with in the pass than Jon Jon and Lucas Stone all ANAL! They didn't believe we were going to do it or that Itty bitty me was going to take them all in my trinny cheeks... but not only did I do it, but smiled big while leaving set! and was on a crazy sex high afterward(meaning I felt great) inside and was glowing on the out!
The next day I had my first massage ever. at the Beverly Hills hotel. I felt so funny because I keep laughing at the touch of the massage therapist. but oh it felt soooo good, told HIM I might become a regular uh huh!! crazy I saw Mark Walburg there while I was going into the spa, he is cute not going to lie!

type 9



the next day I worked with Aiden Aspen for  PARTY girls around the WORLD... and I took her GG virginity! WOOT WOOT, I attacked her like a tiger, she took me on well! Friday I finished the week off with Alana Evans, a woman who is beyond beautiful and sensual! I must admit I love penis but a woman and woman together creates a beautiful hot and steamy scene! I will work with that woman any day of the week!Wed, I finally checked off my Julia Ann from my "to do" list... and what that woman did to me in the scnene is priceless, because what happen no one knows what was whispered... in the middle of the scene she decided to RIP my eyelashes off, yes sometimes it hurts and I called her a fucker in her ear, than we laughed after the scene! But that woman is amazing and delicious!
julia ann          

Than lucky me the following Tuesday I got to be in front of one of my FAV photographers MILES LONG along with my favorite makeup artist Daniel chinchilla, both incredible and made me feel undeniably beautiful!

I also am a member of a great family at TYPE 9 MODELS! I pride myself on being independent but I also pride myself on representing a great agency! and now I get to do both!
After my crazy week of shooting I finally got to let some endorphins hanging out with Charity Bangs and played the Kintic? not sure if I spelled it right but we danced it out! and Trinity's not so bad... than Sunday more endorphins  out at beach volleyball, and boy oh boy does trinity go after balls! :) lol I just made a funny. but volleyball, beach and good company makes for a great time!
 than off to NYC I went, had an amazing time and can't wait to go back!
so that's what little T has been up to and loving her fans of course! next week finally shooting for NEW SENSATIONS! About damn time!

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