Tuesday, October 9, 2012


lately been focusing on life, fun, and my website....
check out my youtube site  www.youtube.com/misstrinitystclair

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NEW WEBSITE UP www.trinitystclair.com

Its official done and ready to make you cum, so I will now be blogging on that site just hit this link www.trinitystclair.com/blog and keep up with my life over there... better yet sign up for exclusive live shows, scenes of me and my friends, and interaction with me. RAWR
love you all

Trinity and Little T

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pussy eating Pologamist

Once again shame on me for keeping everyone out of the loop on my crazy life for the last two month... where to start where to start. Well I guess I can start with the basics Riley lived with me the entire month of January and I think it not only changed my mindset but helped me break out of of my trust issues with people...I absolutely love her. Its insane though I know kinda have a handful of ladies I would consider  close Riley is my wife, Tia cyrus, maddie cyrus and emy reyes are my GF! You can never have enough pussy especially good pussy that are equally your friends as well. Riley and I made it to AVNS had a fucking blast, the part I liked the most was meeting the fans, fuck the actual AVN show that sucked! Red carpet was a joke...but it came and went I hope this next year I get nominated for something that would awesome and quite the achievement.

Riley left me in Feb to head to NZ she actually left me on my bday lol but I forgave her, thats when my little party side came out and I started venturing out everynight.. HELLO HOLLYWOOD exciting and fun I think so far my favorite places are Roxbury and Bar Sinister once a nice club the other is more gothic but the dancing music is dynamite. I had a great valentines day celebrated at the Viper Room and Emy Reyes left red lip stains on Little T! that's what I get for going pantyless... but panties are overrated. and only needed for those that sweat and gotta hold junk in, I don;t have either problems. Lucky me! I went on the radio a few times as well I had a Blast on the Joey Medina Show Fucking hilarious guy  The show aired Feb 21 so if you want to check it out go here  http://toadhopnetwork.com/f/The-Joey-Medina-Show next I was instidetheindustry on LAtalkradio.net what can I say my outspoken Italian mouth is funny too hear, I don't hide anything, but than again why should I?  Honesty makes me me if you don't like it than don't listen, follow, or be around me. however I should try and control my mouth a little more around senior citizens and children, I went to Ojai Day spa and Resport, beeejesus was that the best and more amazing thing I could do for my body, I walked out of there feeling like a new body smooth and glowing skin, definitely my new dirty pleasure.

But enough about my everyday talk lets talk about sex baby!
 I finally got to work with MR. Marcus and the only thing I can say about that is OH MR MARCUS. That was for WCP Teen punishment and yes Anal involved. Ive shot for New Sensations again and made box cover for lollipops 2! that fuck was nice and hard I can't wait to see the end result
 I also shot for Penthouse with Missy Martinez, my good does she have a gorgeous body and big boobs...to where I had to lay with here again and she took a strapon to me but that content will only be found on www.trinitystclair.com!!
 I worked for Jayrock Content which lead to my BGG with Chris Johnston and Kelly Surfer, truth be told most bizarre sex scene of my life, it was more based on erotica than fucking it was like I was in slow motion the entire time! Also made it back to my favorite GF Films and worked with Airerra hot woman for sure, and did a GG with my gf Tia Cyrus, how cool is it to do a scene with your actual GF?? Fucking incredible because there's nothing better than someone going down on Little T that knows where to go on her how hard and which spots! Tia can have me crawling  across the room with ecstasy. The theme of the scene was smoking in the boys room for my love Miles Long its called girlfriends 4 and box cover again!

OH shit also I got a 12 page layout in Finally Legal Magazine! 12 PAGES!!! excited about that too. ok SO I think I am caught up... now for the good bad news THIS SITE IS RETIRING, and I will be launching TRINITYSTCLAIR.COM in APRIL!!! should I repeat that THIS SITE IS RETIRING, and I will be launching TRINITYSTCLAIR.COM in APRIL!!! So cum watch me live this crazy life, cum all over and play with my friends

kelly surfer

emy reyes

tia cyrus

xoxox Little T

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Where have I been?? what have I been doing?? Holidays are done and over and NOW its time to get focused on fucking and going wild! But haven't I already been doing that?  Lets see I got to work with Milehighdvd and knocked it out of the park with DANE CROSS. He is one of my favorites now, he can fuck my holes anytime he wants! I got lucky and worked with the director Kevin Moore who is amazing himself. and I have also popped my live show cherry I was SOOOO nervous, because I didn't know exactly how everything worked as far as if the members could see good and could hear me, but it was a blast and went by to fast, but NOW I have streamate account so you can watch me at www.trinitystclair.cammodels.com. Thanksgiving and Christmas was awesome, this was the first time I have been around my entire family sense I started Porn and the turnout was great. My family is amazing and I love them with all my heart. The other thing they said was You're so tan! LOL LA will do that to you.
I was also on the Maury Povich Show which airs tomorrow! so make sure you watch it. http://www.mauryshow.com/index.php?cat=0&cid=1377211 NO IM NOT PREGNANT AND THERE'S no YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER MOMENTS! I actually was on the show because I have gone geek to babe and surprised a fan on the show! It rocked and was a great time. I got to take my first train from CT to Boston that was a highlight! My Lexington Steele DVD is out Spinners as is Angel faces 2. So go get them! I have been working on Content for my website which I will be launching this year! GOING TO BE INSANE, so if you have any ideas or comments of what you might want from the site let me know.
Also My ride or die sista is living with me!! MISS RILEY REID and boy oh boy it has been amazing and can only get better, we did a live show last night that was beyond hot and intense. Her pussy juice was delicious! I can't wait for more and all I have to do is walk into the other room! What a great GF.


Im so glad its 2012 Im determined to make it my year and I honestly think its going to be everyone year!