Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Where have I been?? what have I been doing?? Holidays are done and over and NOW its time to get focused on fucking and going wild! But haven't I already been doing that?  Lets see I got to work with Milehighdvd and knocked it out of the park with DANE CROSS. He is one of my favorites now, he can fuck my holes anytime he wants! I got lucky and worked with the director Kevin Moore who is amazing himself. and I have also popped my live show cherry I was SOOOO nervous, because I didn't know exactly how everything worked as far as if the members could see good and could hear me, but it was a blast and went by to fast, but NOW I have streamate account so you can watch me at Thanksgiving and Christmas was awesome, this was the first time I have been around my entire family sense I started Porn and the turnout was great. My family is amazing and I love them with all my heart. The other thing they said was You're so tan! LOL LA will do that to you.
I was also on the Maury Povich Show which airs tomorrow! so make sure you watch it. NO IM NOT PREGNANT AND THERE'S no YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER MOMENTS! I actually was on the show because I have gone geek to babe and surprised a fan on the show! It rocked and was a great time. I got to take my first train from CT to Boston that was a highlight! My Lexington Steele DVD is out Spinners as is Angel faces 2. So go get them! I have been working on Content for my website which I will be launching this year! GOING TO BE INSANE, so if you have any ideas or comments of what you might want from the site let me know.
Also My ride or die sista is living with me!! MISS RILEY REID and boy oh boy it has been amazing and can only get better, we did a live show last night that was beyond hot and intense. Her pussy juice was delicious! I can't wait for more and all I have to do is walk into the other room! What a great GF.


Im so glad its 2012 Im determined to make it my year and I honestly think its going to be everyone year!

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