Thursday, January 20, 2011

A blah BLAH day...but

Today was full of wind and scheduling, emailing, and the stuff you don't want to do but gotta! However yesterday I shot a striptease and solo masturbation thats going to be on PAYPERVIEW!! that means, charter, dish, direct Trinity will be seeing you in April! I had fun, I never been much of a striptease person but I got into soo much, the music took over and I just felt it with my body and motioned and moved to it! Very sensual and sexy and thats how I felt. after the shoot though of course I hit LA traffic, when it should take you 20 mins took over an hr!! but great time to catch up on tunes and people picking their noses! but I am reminded at how much gas is burned.
I met Ivy Winters today, about having AMA be my agent, but I knew going in that I wasn't going for it, because I don't want to be under a contract with anyone. no offense to agencies or agents, but Im a go getter and love working direct with people because I feel more in the know of things. but Ivy seems like a great person, wouldn't mind doing a scene with her. but if I do a scene GG I want it to be with Leanna Leigh or Molly.
You know what would be funny is to do a GG scene with ELLEN DEGRENERES LOL that would be interesting, plus she can dance I bet she can do other things well too! and no I am not a lesbian just very curious, because the womans body is sooo incredible and women know what we like! I wonder what other girl I would look go working with?

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