Saturday, January 22, 2011

In my butt, and Im still a WOMAN!

Two more days and feeling GREEAAAT like Tony the Tiger, rawr baby! Would would have thunk it that I little miss trinity, would get off so much to having fingers in my tushy, and having my clit gently touch to wear my legs tense and I feel out of control! A man who knows how to use his hands and tongue on my va gi gi, is a winner for me! Im not going to lie Im a greedy bitch when it comes to receiving I LOVE IT! But often feel obligated to return the favor or feel like I am taking to much time of the fourplay, which in many aspects puts me at the no go zone for an orgasm... huh, torch-er! but damn I do love getting eaten out and when he or She :) finds the spot its a point of no return and Im toast! So that was yesterday, some good hand play no eating though, maybe next time.
But than today, I felt sexier than I have ever before and made a video with dollhousefilms, and my makeup artist captured a look like none other I felt sultry, seductive and ready to literally fuck the brains out of any man around me! Naughty Naughty girl I am. but not girl, woman because thats what I felt like. Yes I may only be 20 but I still want to be sexy and considered sexy is that a problem?? But the video I did was a striptease in 3D yes 3D that means it looks like Im touching you, and caressing you. Wanting you to touch me! Its amazing, Im not going to lie! Its crazy to think I have been in LA for a week already, and I really don't want to leave, Im meeting AMAZING people and working with AMAZING people... Im just going to soak it up and think when I leave its just a see you later!

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