Monday, January 17, 2011

I have arrived lets get busy!

My flight yesterday was great, no delays no crazy people and yes my ALL my luggage made it here safely, one of my fears is lost luggage!!! But let me just say who ever is sitting next to me must get an eyeful because I am a drooler... LOL I drool all over myself and every time I wake up my shirt or jacket sometimes hair is wet! It must be a youtube moment! But once I got to La I felt the excitement start! first I started off with the heat 81 degrees, that's what I am talking about all though I was dressed for in the 20's! 2 shirts, sweater, jacket... lets just say I started to get a little hot! Got off the plane got my car rental, got my hotel after all that of course I ran into trouble. First off I'm not 21 so getting a car was a pain and the guy was an ASS, but I got one. however the Damn AC didn't work, are you kidding me!??? No AC and I was pissed. I have to take the car back tonight, but before that I locked the keys in the truck of the car while I was taking my luggage out! and get this the assholes disabled the truck opening button on the cars. I called them up to ask for a spare key and if they could bring it to me! They said it would be 100 dollar charge to do so... WTF! I just paid 500 to rent your damn car!
Long story short I convinced the Security guard here to let me use his car, and go get the spare. Yes without giving him a blowjob or handjob this older man let me, a random person use his car to go get the spare... so an hour later I was able to drive the fucking no AC working CAR!! Well now its time to start my shoot schedule and yes Luvs its ANAL!! YAY! I'M doing to dominate it!
Wish me luck and Ill keep you updated... also for all those that want a seek pick of me  look here

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