Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open up its the Police

Swat... but they weren't here to investigate or conifigate my twat. no but only in La do you go into lockdown at your hotel. Thats right last night I was confide to my hotel room while helicopters twirled around in the sky and police blocked off my hotel. Swat team with bullet proff vest stood in the hallway and told everyone to stay in our room. I wasn't hiding anything but a massive amount of lube, undies and enemas! so as I was locked in my room for 4 hrs. I was bored and my only friend I had was my magic wand so I wasn't to disappointed. I thought about running down the hall naked, just to keep them on their toes, or ordering coffee and donuts, for our hard working police officers, but  it turned out to be a robbery, I mean come on people you can't rob banks and get away with it, it just doesn't work! Than today I was able to spend some awesome with my guys at combat zone! love them... and got a shoot tomorrow as a naughty school girl, what a perfect role for me! so innocent, not! got to go take a hot shower rub off and than dream of good sex nighty night luvs!

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