Friday, January 28, 2011

Highschool innocence not so innocent

what a way to leave La with a bang!! 2 highschool scenes that were so completely different... as you all know I am small, and petite to say the least, thats why I love ANAL, and Thursday shoot I shot with the famous Tommy Gunn and that boy is well rounded! I requested length not girth but there must have been some misconception. I tried my hardest to enjoy the scene and make it look good but damn I had a hard time, I want to be honest with everyone! Tommy was a great trooper and professional screwer!I mean he won AVN award but lets just say rough sex its my cup of tea! and I ended up with these
after math of desk sex
riding hard with Tommy Gunn

after that shoot I was a little nervous walking into Innocent High, but after soaking the sore va gi gi and playing with my rubber duckys I got my head on straight and was ready to dominate the next scene which was today... I fucked Marcus London like I had been wanting him for years! Not only was it fun but I was attracted to his accent and his muscles! My innocence was taken, or I just proved I wasn't so sweet and innocent! He was a delight to work with and moving from reverse cowgirl, to doggie to cowgirl was a breeze.. it flowed better than any of my scenes, and made me confident in my performance! Not only was it a good scene but everyone involved was great even TJ Cummings was there, who I definitely will ride one of these days! Although he thinks I can't take him, or he is just scared I will wear him down! :)

and this was after the shoot, look how happy I am
this was before acting INNOCENT

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