Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday SEX DAY a NO GO

Wow its quite a shocker going from sex everyday, several times a day to no sex... I miss it! my mind was going on and on and when I am shooting being the sarcastic Italian I am I make sexual sarcastic comments and now no sex and no one to talk dirty to and to think I have 10 more days of this, maybe I will go find some bum off the street, that's good looking take him back to my room and teach him some tricks! On one side I am happy to be home with my family, back to Italian cooking and watching chick shows all day! and Yes I go into detail about some of my shoots with my mom because she and I are very open which works for me and makes everything so much more lighthearted! I mean how often can you go up to your mom and say mom I took it in the ass and the guy got so excited he cumed and the first entrance! LOL or can tell her I am thinking of starting a line with another girl and doing a girl girl action series! No my mom doesn't approve of my job but she doesn't want me to hid anything either. I miss LA, and Philly though I guess I just hate being back in a small town where the only thing people do is play video games and smoke pot... it just gets old really fast. It funny to get the response to when people find out I do porn because they don't know what to say. Its like they are dumbfounded. HA, I not only got out of our small town but I get paid to do what we all love HAVE SEX! Which at the moment I am feeling deprived of!
 Also My 21st is on Thursday that's right little T is going to be 21! although I can look like
I'm 15 but hey the way I very that When I 30 Ill look like Im 20 and when Im 40 Ill look like im 30 how can I go wrong! And people think that I am going to go drink and party up a storm nope actually I am going gambling!! So wish me luck and I wish I had someone to blow my dice for me! Kisses from me to you!

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