Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ANAL for good.

In La and had a very lonely valentines day, but after that I think I need to vent... as everyone knows I am an ANAL lover, why because it works for me. So its getting old when people tell me stop doing anal, or why did you start with anal? Its because I love it for one and two it works better for me! I am not going to stop doing something I love especially taking it up the ass to make others happy. If you don't like it oh well this is the one thing thats my nic! and I love! So Im not going to stop taking it up the ass and thats final my choice is made up. but besides, my little vent my valentines day was spent without a valentine. but I rather have spent it alone than someone I am not interested in or unhappy with. I guess thats why I fly solo. Nothing wrong with that, sense Im 21 now I had a glass of wine and played with myself, it turned out to be a good day without it.

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