Sunday, February 13, 2011


When I got to Arizona I thought I was just going to be playing with myself, and call it good. But boy was I wrong, and glad that I was wrong at the same time. I was picked up in a very nice car and taken back to this house that was in  gorgeous. I feel asleep and woke up to a stunning sunrise, couldn't wait for the day to begin... my producer who I will call BJ was fun, he took me to breakfast and that where I had my first encounter, I flashed the camera as I was walking down to the restaurant, I felt a rush go to my body but a good one.. after that it just continued. We headed off to a car wash where I never giggled so much and did my AH face.. I literally fingered myself while the car was hand washed.. the guys washing the car were watching like no tomorrow.. than we got out of the car and I upskirted the camera as we walked in to pay the bill, I than sat down outside and did a finger masturbation again and literally 5 guys that worked at the car wash stood to the side watching and smiling. Im not going to lie I liked the attention and attraction I was getting. After the car was ready we headed back to the house where I discovered the best toy ever~~
Its called the VibraKing and that he is I not only orgasm-ed once but 3 times!! after that we went to our next stop which was the gym, where I wore my "working on my fitness" shorts. that was fun as I went on each machine popping my boobs out as I benched pressed or did pull ups. It was crazy, we did have an angry man that didn't approve but oh well he just glared. I tried to kick box and even though I am not good my vagina showed a lot! I than made a suggestion to BJ lets go to the grocery store and pick some veggies out and Ill stick them in me! He thought I was nuts but we did, we headed to the grocery store and I picked out some veggies we went up an aisle and I popped that sucker in my butt like no tomorrow, yes in the ass! You know Im an anal girl.. after insertion I took a bite, how could I miss the opportunity being a vegetarian and all!

The next one I was quite the looker I looked straight from the80's wearing neon green and hot pink tights. We drove to a busy busy parking lot full of angry housewives and old men. but I got out of the car and started dancing just dancing no music and than started flashing as well. I got honked at and car stopped. Once again a new high this has created for me! I love being naked but now doing it in places "unacceptable" makes it all the better. What a blast I had and worked with one INCREDIBLE guy. I wouldn't send just any girl his way, only ones I think deserve the privilege to work with him. Hopefully the fans at FTV like me enough to bring me back! I could always use another go at the Vibeking!

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