Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Meat I do like...

          My birthday was fabulous I have never felt more loved by people! And plus I went to the casino and WON at 21 go figure! I had drinks sent my way and eyes elevating me up and down, love the attention but I want to just have fun. My first drink I ordered was a mimosa, very tasty. All in all even though I was with my grandma and mom I had a great time. I am getting anxious though being in such a small town with nothing to do and no one to do...what have I been doing in the spare time, well playing with myself, getting taxes ready, cooking with the family and hanging out before I leave for FTV girls and Naughty Midwest girls.. . Cooking has been fun, even though I am a vegetarian I can cook and still use meat when I cook. Even though I am Italian I love to make stirfrys, but I do have a specialty Lasagna I make! I love the smell of home cooking and how the aroma can fill the room but I have to but my sex tidbit in and say there is one meat I still eat and thats cock, and of course it good to me! and one things for sure is that no matter whos dick I am sucking I can make it look yummy and bigger, because I am so petite! There you go boys, get a small girl and she will make you look bigger! Yummo!

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