Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day without sexual activity... not going to happen

well I got forgot to tell you about my first girl girl scene, it was great I enjoyed it and the girl I worked with did too, I still love boy girl but I love the tenderness of a girl caressing a girl... its just ever so gentle and soft. But I still love the power of a man, and the strength of him being able to swing me and flip me in any position he wants and desires. During the shoot silly me was scared the girls fake nails might cut me or jab me funny when she was fingering me. LOL but seriously think about it those nails are fake and sharp I don't need my little T to get hurt that way. also I found it kinda fnny the girl went to take a shower after our scene, like we were fucking really hard sorry but girl sex isnt dirty, well at least not for this scene it was a pretty girl scene! and I did enjoy it, but felt I was the more dominate one, which I wanted the other girl to be sense it was my first. oh well beggers can't be choosers or can we??
Than today I was suppose to go to a shoot in bend Oregon however the guy was hesitate about telling me the girls he shot with so I asked around and was advised not to go, so I didn't and good thing I didn't because his site is more rough than trinity can handle and kinda mean. He than emailed me all day saying I need mental help and to get off the drugs...WTF first off I've never done a drug before except caffeine. he was just mad I didn't show, sorry but Im not going to endanger myself. He also threaten to tell production companies not to shoot me and tell them Im crazy... really come on be more professional. But by not going there I got GOOD NEWS 2 shoots for Hustler(barley legal) ANAL and Teasers POV exhibitionist style... my type all over it!
Sex is good and I love it, lets keep it coming...

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