Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I DO like human protein

Wow oh Wow... what a killer weekend and full of many firsts... I had a full weekend of my first swallows of cum and you know what I don't mind it one bit. The first swallow was for AmatuerAllure which I was so excited about because not only was it a great and fabulous scene, but I got to be glamorized... and felt absolutely stunning. I was an Italian goddess on set, and my male talent JayJAy who made me feel more than my everyday spinner type because he was about 6'2 much taller than my 5'1 wearing heels I made it to 5'3 :) but being such a big studly man he sure had a big load and holding still with all of it in my month was difficult because i couldn't swallow right away, needed those priceless moment pictures! but he was very fun to work with, on account we turned the scene into ANAL yes I am getting to be very convincing with my scenes, and if you don't believe I like anal look at most of my scenes now!!! I will prove those that don't believe me wrong. Either way both producer and Jay Kay could see my utter enjoyment when he popped his large dick in my tushy and my smile of pleasure appeared on my face.. They both couldnt fathom how I such a petite one could take it in the ass so easily, its honestly a godly thing, my little va gi gi doesnt expand like my ass! yum, than after that hot and sexy scene next stop for my second load of protein was for OnlyTeenBlowjob.com which was very young girl look and my male talent was totally laid back and chill. And one thing with him is he enjoyed me being rough with his dick, not so gentle and soft but hard strokes to wear my arms were sore, and I was nervous I was going to hurt him! But he loved it and it made me feel more dominate. So all in all human protein is delicious and I will be expecting more! Give it to me!

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