Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am Box cover Material

I may not have double D's but close to double A's. I may not weigh over a 100 lbs, I may not be 5 10 with many curves, But Damn it I know Im good if I can make covers and show off my petite spinner size.  I'll show you how that olive skin, brown puppy eyes and long brown hair will soak you up like a sponge and make you want more. Im proud of what I do I love being naked I love having sex... I love having cocks in my ass and I love to be pleasured! Im a sexual girl and even though I don't have fake nails, fake boobs, or a face that doesn't move when I talk. I love that Guys can flip me, carry me, spin me around and hold me when they want me to ride them. I know Im not perfect, but hell I don't want to be... imperfection make little trinity, me. I like that Im spunky, stubborn, Italian, and cute. Take me or leave me but damn it I know I am going to stick around so keep one eye open, slow and steady I will dominate...being the anal one! MUAH!

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