Saturday, March 19, 2011

green penis' and fairy dust

I did it and made it to Playboy Live Radio! What crazy girls that Julia ann and Niki Hunter are! Loved them, Julia wants to keep me in her pocket, and Niki thinks Im adorable, when I got there we couldn't say the word pussy, really!! Do you realize how hard it is to not say pussy in porn... I was the culprit many times! But prior to arriving I stopped at an adult store right around the corner walked in and the cashier asked to see my id WTF? Seriously, I mean seriously.. I was irritated so I went an grabbed my Teen gape movie and said see her ya thats me... he kinda swallowed his tongue! Damn straight fool! lol but I bought the girls green penis straws to drink their mountain dew on the radio! I definitely be going back to talk more with them! Also I got my fairy photos and yes fairies even masturbate or at least trinity does! Not only did I masturbate but with a crystal that slide right into Little T. But now that I was on the radio I have been exposed to my hometown old highschool classmates.. its funny to get the reactions some are like good for you and than some tell me I am a disappointment to my family. Who the fuck do you think you are and first and foremost my family supports me! Secondly don't be a hater, you know you love sex but I get paid to do it!!! I definitely got more followers just because of that! HOT DAMN!123 lets fuck!

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