Friday, March 25, 2011

I'll fuck you on Hollywood Blvd

Wow great great week! Sunday I shoot with Rocco Reed for Wicked pictures, I was a babysitter gone bad! but let me tell you Rocco is Delicious and yummy I would take him any day anal and vaginal! here's the behind the scene peek that Rocco took and didn't tell me! sneaky that boy is
after that scene the next one to roll up was where that little exhibitionist came out in me and Marc Star wasn't ready for such an open girl to come out. We started out by stripping in a parking garage, and than I wanted to be spider woman and jumped up on a ledge for hollywood to see little T and all her glory! It was windy and I was cold so I did get a few goosebumps on the va gi gi but survived, from there we went to vine street off Hollywood blvd I believe and I wore a jacket, undies heels and a tubetop but I used it as a dress because I'm short enough... I walked up to the balcony of a hotel that faced the street and there I started to strip.. being in La not many noticed but some did! and I loved it, I slowly popped out the itty bittys and let them see Hollywood than I had a man come up and fondle me taking my clothes off right there on the balcony of the random hotel... no one noticed until a car pulled up behind Hustler bat mobile at broke out cameras.. I soaked it in and continued. after that I left my clothes with my fondler and walked back to the car but first went to the car with the camera and it turned out they were PAPARAZZI! LOL I had my own paparazzi, they showed me my pics and than pictures they shot of drew Barrymore. I loved the attention! Our next adventure was to lunch where I played TeasersVOD version of Simon says... during lunch I stripped down to no undies and had brought my vibrator with me I used it after lunch and got juicy and wet! TeasersVOD also are the first ones to teach me a lesson for making a few mistakes and I got a few spanking!Of course the ass enjoyed any attention! I'll be making my first appearance on Teaser in April, hopefully Im liked enough to go back and show LA streets trinity's naked body!


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