Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Car Virginity...

SO was out of commission getting those wisdom teeth pulled and yes it hurt like hell afterwards. I didn't get sedated just shot up with steroids to make my feel like it was fat albert but its healed and Im back to fucking, I actually was at a shoot on Saturday ready to shoot, but because the girl I was going to do the scene with fucked over my male talent and my shoot got rescheduled for tomorrow, I was pissed because 1. I was makeup ready and 2. I had a nice clean asshole and have already given myself my enema,  I was ready for dick in tmy ass. and 3 it was going to be my first scene acting like a stripper! Stupid stupid girl... but I get the attention tomorrow in the butt. However I did get to see my girl Jessie Andrews which made everything better her and I will be in the same movie but not the same scene. Than yesterday I had a hot and fucking exciting shoot me being the exhibitionist that I am soaked it in like no tomorrow, I GOT MY CAR VIRGINITY TAKEN ANAL STYLE... I shot for barley legal for hustler and my male talent and I fucked going down the 405 at 6pm rush hour he stuck it in my ass and in Little T, than popped in my mouth and guzzled the cum down my throat.  it was hot and I loved it, being the spinner I am I could get in doggie, missionary and pile driver like no tomorrow! plus it was luxury because it was a lincoln.. and I hollered and moaned  it was incredible. Its up on my list of favorite scenes.. Hey check out my trailer for my Naughty amateur

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