Sunday, April 3, 2011

Naughty School GIrl

My scene For Naughty America came out with Tommy Gunn..I wish people would like it  more, had we gone anal I know I would have preformed better. Tommy was TOO big for Little T and with his strength a little to aggressive for Little T and Miss Trinity because Im a petite one, but he pounded me regardless. I think I took it well to, but boy afterward Little T felt that shoot. Tommy is the AVN Performer of the year, but you know I believe there has to be some chemistry when you meet on set... no matter what the age difference as long as there is a little humor your better off getting the job done and doing it well. So people can redicule me and say I didn't do a good job, but Im still new at this and getting down all the position so I learn and progress forward. Next scene Ill fuck hard and fuck hard good, I show you that Trinity is here to stay with her Virgin tight pussy and you're either going to love me or hate me. Im still going to be here  making those that like me happy! Im not the average pornstar and never will be. So for right now take it in and enjoy my exhibitionist, anal loving side. And wish me luck while until April 12th I only can rely on my Vibrators for pleasure and satisfaction.. good thing there is 6 speeds on one. The reason I have to wait is because Im taking some time to visit family up in Northern California! Well my mom and Grandma! Crazy Italian women we are and Im having a blast with them. But I will be ready to roll when I get back and Sex it up, on account my sunday sexday is not  happening!

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