Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sex and Candy

jessie andrews and trinity st clair
After 10 long and slow days without sex, little T made it home from visiting the family to get treated well and it was like giving candy to a 6 year old. I was in pure ecstasy after so long without sex.. I believe I not only love sex but need it now, its like my own little high that I experience and one thats healthy! its funny prior to porn going without was no biggy, but now its like I need to please myself some way some how everyday, so when I went home to visit the family, even though I wasn't having sex I still pleased myself with my vibrators or hands inside little T! Which I did while watching cartoons eating pb&j on the couch... my mom just asks me why I have my hands in my pants and walks away. Lol priceless moments! But some people wonder why I didn't have sex with someone in my hometown. because I wouldn't touch anyone there with a ten foot pole. Its better to be safe than sorry and I am glad I only went to the Hen house for a margarita at the bar and not to take someone home! It was worth the wait. Now back to action and fucking like crazy my ass and little T is ready to play and play hard I just hope everyone else can keep up... Im going to be busy but busy is better than not. Ill be flying to Ohio to shoot for kurups and get another hitachi, but this one is going to be bedazzled! I also will be doing my first bondage shoot for girlsinabind and than a solo and bj for bodypartz.com this trip isnt an anal play but when I get back I have an anal lined up with jules jordan and popwhores! so my ass will be getting attention as well...
Also I do have to mention I have made my first adult actress friend, jessie andrews and shes a keeper!
fuck good and fuck long! Trinity's ready to get back to action!

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