Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I survived the STEELE!

Shame on me I get so occupied that I forget to give the dirty details as to whats going on in my life, behind twitter and facebook! SO lets talk about the scenes I have been in during Halloween, the scene with Venice and charisma capelli was fun, based upon bargaining. We got a great deal on a car in exchange for fucking the car dealers! fun times  plus Venice has great boobs. I also worked for Adam and EVE with Jon Jon, but it wasn't anal all vaginal. Which if you know who JON JON is you would know Little T got a workout for sure. but it was great chemistry, and working with him one on one was awesome! After that I got my anal date finally with Mr. John Strong who I have been wanting to work with for a while now. And not only was that scene awesome because my favorite Director Miles LONG shot it but I got boxcover! after that week I got to go home and visit the family. I went Line dancing with my mom  wering my bluejeans cowgirl boots and shirt and only back home do the make girly drinks with beer. and does that get this little one going for sure! that was the best visit home so far! Also made it to Elton John at Caesars palace, cried and sung every song. One priceless memory I will hold onto forever!
Its been great my Ride or Die Sista has been in town and we run LA, or at least Halloween parties. We went to one and put the GoGo dancers to shame, I loved it. She was Olivia Newton John from lets get physical and I was Jasmine from Aladdin. We make quite the pair going to miss her over the holidays. hopefully beginning next year people will put us in more shoots together. we Also are thinking about starting our own project together what do you think of that?
My eagles have definitely had their ups and downs this season but I am still proud of them, Im looking forward to going to UCLA VS USC end of this month! yes I like college and pro football! can't wait for the holidays I am a huge Christmas lover, I love the music, the colors,the kindness, the food, the environment it creates. plus the time with family! Which is very important to me

the Last 2 scenes I did were ANAL and yesterday I worked with the insane LEXINGTON STEELE and survived. Yes I was nervous and yes I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did and he even went in little T, which today I am sore from but my ass is good! lets just say one of his legs is the size of both of mine put together and than some! He is a big boy! But I loved working for Johnni Darko. GO get my dvds at http://www.adultdvdempire.com/636229/trinity-st-clair-pornstars.html
Happy holidays luvs my wishlist is right here spoil me and Ill spoil you too! http://amzn.com/w/1Z1MI44TZ7U6I

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its not my fault if you missed my face, I got you hard!!

Life has been good, porn and sex even better!! Busier than ever and soaking it up like a sponge. so where did I leave off , believe getting ready for my new sensations scene! which was intense, I worked with Danny Mountain and yes he was a mountain and I ran around it several times! I think his accent is what did it for me, nothing sexier than a man with an accent! I also did a christmas catalog shoot with my ride or die sister miss Riley Reid. Her and I are quite the pair. two peas in a pod!!! Dancing buddies for sure. Than I also did 2 shoots for Mr. JonniDarkko, had to do 2 because the first one the talent instead of cuming on my face for "FacialOverloads" ended up cuming all over my body. I think I intimidated him and distracted him a little too much. wasnt intenetional I promise.. maybe I did play with him a little more than I usually do, but it was fun! the second round though he did it perfect and layered me, and got both eyes on thing about having contacts is when cum gets on them they kinda become hazy, but the scene was awesome again! Type 9 Models and I had a blast at our first party at the highlands!! successful and fun as all get out and of course I got my share of action with my girls. I brushed the boyz off but kept the girls nice and close, it was more fun that way! I did have a scene Im going to complain about because it was an anal scene and my talent was not only tiny but couldn't stay hard, so not only was he the size of my thumb but he could stay hard in my ass and he didnt want me to move or say anything, I felt like I was just a dummy that he was trying to fuck! sorry but I get into my motion and movement( I enjoy sex for a reason). Mr Will Power was my next victim, and I got to trash talk him, I dont think Ive ever cursed so much in a scene before. different persona for sure! Little T has been getting lots of love but not so much anal play! but thats always a hit and miss good thing I love it in the personal life! I went on the radio for inside the industry you should listen to it here http://www.latalkradio.com/Players/James-091411.shtml  Ill be hosting there next wednesday, YOU GOTTA LISTEN!
 and 3 more dvds out! http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1586754/nooners-porn-movies.html http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1585711/internal-injections-5-porn-movies.html and BOXCOVER http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1585709/dont-tell-my-wife-i-assfucked-the-babysitter-7-porn-movies.html
YAY for porn!! so this week involved time with bangbros and Fuckteam5! good stuff and tomorrow anal play with Mr. John Strong... next week Adam and eve, Brazzers tom Gunner and seeing Elton John!
also check out more videos at my vimeo and twitvid.com accounts http://vimeo.com/29532021 and http://www.twitvid.com/HFXZV. Also will be starting web camming and offering custom videos to those interested email me at trinityst.clair@gmail.com! Love sex and little T, keeping going and loving life

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shes breaking out Go Little T GO!!

So I hit the ground running and not looking back! I started the week out with one hell of a scene for BlackonBlonds.com and no I didn't have to be blond... Trinity is way to in love with her mysterious side. but I shocked the shit out of my guys I worked with Rico strong, Wesley pikes... both who I had worked with in the pass than Jon Jon and Lucas Stone all ANAL! They didn't believe we were going to do it or that Itty bitty me was going to take them all in my trinny cheeks... but not only did I do it, but smiled big while leaving set! and was on a crazy sex high afterward(meaning I felt great) inside and was glowing on the out!
The next day I had my first massage ever. at the Beverly Hills hotel. I felt so funny because I keep laughing at the touch of the massage therapist. but oh it felt soooo good, told HIM I might become a regular uh huh!! crazy I saw Mark Walburg there while I was going into the spa, he is cute not going to lie!

type 9



the next day I worked with Aiden Aspen for  PARTY girls around the WORLD... and I took her GG virginity! WOOT WOOT, I attacked her like a tiger, she took me on well! Friday I finished the week off with Alana Evans, a woman who is beyond beautiful and sensual! I must admit I love penis but a woman and woman together creates a beautiful hot and steamy scene! I will work with that woman any day of the week!Wed, I finally checked off my Julia Ann from my "to do" list... and what that woman did to me in the scnene is priceless, because what happen no one knows what was whispered... in the middle of the scene she decided to RIP my eyelashes off, yes sometimes it hurts and I called her a fucker in her ear, than we laughed after the scene! But that woman is amazing and delicious!
julia ann          

Than lucky me the following Tuesday I got to be in front of one of my FAV photographers MILES LONG along with my favorite makeup artist Daniel chinchilla, both incredible and made me feel undeniably beautiful!

I also am a member of a great family at TYPE 9 MODELS! I pride myself on being independent but I also pride myself on representing a great agency! and now I get to do both!
After my crazy week of shooting I finally got to let some endorphins hanging out with Charity Bangs and played the Kintic? not sure if I spelled it right but we danced it out! and Trinity's not so bad... than Sunday more endorphins  out at beach volleyball, and boy oh boy does trinity go after balls! :) lol I just made a funny. but volleyball, beach and good company makes for a great time!
 than off to NYC I went, had an amazing time and can't wait to go back!
so that's what little T has been up to and loving her fans of course! next week finally shooting for NEW SENSATIONS! About damn time!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I wanna fuck you like an ANIMAL

big tittys and itty bitties

My girl Charity BANG BANG

20 days! 20 days sense I last updated on trinity and little T thats definitely not acceptable. So what been going on? sex, anal sex, and girl play. I visited family for a while, but realize that when I visit family I want to be back in porn valley ASAP this is my home now and definitely where I belong! If Im not having sex I get tense and stressed, its my addiction and a good one!  I don't like being gone for too long.sex is my life and its what makes me happy and content!  I love the fact that I don't think from here on out I will ever work a day in my life, why because if you love what you do your not working your doing what you love! I look forward to the next day of sex and having fun on set. I finally got to be in front of Miles Long camera!! Waiting for that forever and it happened not did I get to do that but I request my girl Charity Bangs to preform with me and I got my wish so it was her, Mr. Pete and I and we fucked good! I fucking love that girl. Than I have been waiting for my devils film to cum out and yes I made boxcover! hope your proud of your little one guys! Gangland Creampies # 22  I will definitely be doing more of those I hope!!Monday I will be doing Blacks on Blondes with 4 guys GO TRINITY!!!  I finally made it to Venice beach and played volleyball, Trinity gets low and can dig in the sand , can't wait til I finally have sex on the beach! PRIORITY and of course Karaoke been fun finally meet the famous Ron Jeremy! and got to make out with a few girls, always fun! and of course I shot for my favorites GF films, worked with Syren Demer, what a teacher she is!!! We did the scene with Shyla Jennings and Zoey Holloway for mother daughter exchange club Syren taught me how to "masturbate" in the scene and from there we fucked!
Syren Demer

Julia Ann and I

next week Julia Ann and I officially have our date on Wednesday, we had to reschedule because we both were sick day of shoot! and than I have 2 other GG shoots next week as well, one with Aiden Aspen and not sure who else but its for Lethal Hardcore! AND I WILL BE ATTENDING MY FIRST COMEDY SHOW! Im a comedy buff and can't wait! Also just to let you know I have plays to fuck with VOODOOPORNSTAR while SKYDIVING! yes while SKYDIVING!! Im so excited for that! I think your life is based on experiences and not so much items damn thats going to be on experience not many will be able to say they have done! and Finally Im venturing off to NYC Sept 8-11 been avoiding east coast but now time to present Little T to the east coast again!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Ate Spongebobs Dick





I tested the waters and went to my first event Adultcon, kinda interesting but now my hopes for exotica are insane! I took the advice of a few and played my school girl look! I think I stood out a bit, asked a lot if I really could handle dicks, my ass sure can! I think the best part of the WHOLE day was meeting the ones who actually knew who I was, and said they loved my work! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fans! You guys make my job even more enjoyable. Another priceless moment was when I bit off spongebobs dick! and it was a little flaky! http://youtu.be/hq5nt5rcraw check it out!! So besides that my first gangbang was a success! worked with Rico strong, Marc Anthony and Shaun Swipes. BOY OH BOY the scenario was great. and so was the boys humor... Rico wanted inside Little T seriously but it was an all anal shoot! ASS WIDE OPEN.

The new thing I now have is you can actually call me and yes I will be talking no one else!http://adult.myphonesite.com/top-new-stars.html  I also attended Penthouse event which was a crazy time and I got celebrity struck, I met the machete and felt funny because I told him that he looked very familiar.. than from that event I went to a movie and met randy Jackson!! that was priceless I introduced myself as trinity he didnt believe that was my name and I told him that was my stage name, and he asked what I did I told him I was an adult actress while his daughter was standing right there! I think I turned 4 shades of red! but he was really laid back! Come on it was Randy Jackson! so theres my celebrity spill.. Yes I also am still going to pornstar karaoke every tuesday!
and next week I am working with my one and only JULIA ANN! she was on my to do list! its been exciting and love sharing my life with you, welcome to trinity's world

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summers hot but sex makes me hotter!

riding roman nomar
Another week of pornstar karaoke, anal sex, and family visit home! Success I think so! I believe my pornstar karaoke is going to become a weekly thing. I got up with Julia ann and sung I kissed a girl, manoman! of course julia ann is on my todo list! than my anal sex with Marco Banderas , who reminded me of Antonio Banderas there for I fucked him good for Devils film "Dont tell my wife I anal fucked the babysitter" I love the titles of porn videos! and this week is another shoot with Devils,3 guys and I my first gangbang anal!! shall be a blast! Adult Con is coming up soon and Miss CHARITY BANGS will be at my booth with me! Good Times to CUM ... my Hustler Barley Legal number 119 is out and the reviews are great http://www.xcritic.com/review/37303/xander-corvus-barely-legal-119/ and JULES JORDAN video comes out next week ANAL PLAYGROUND check out the trailer http://media.julesjordanvideo.com/julesjordanvideo.com/trailers/8/anal_playground.mp4