Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Car Virginity...

SO was out of commission getting those wisdom teeth pulled and yes it hurt like hell afterwards. I didn't get sedated just shot up with steroids to make my feel like it was fat albert but its healed and Im back to fucking, I actually was at a shoot on Saturday ready to shoot, but because the girl I was going to do the scene with fucked over my male talent and my shoot got rescheduled for tomorrow, I was pissed because 1. I was makeup ready and 2. I had a nice clean asshole and have already given myself my enema,  I was ready for dick in tmy ass. and 3 it was going to be my first scene acting like a stripper! Stupid stupid girl... but I get the attention tomorrow in the butt. However I did get to see my girl Jessie Andrews which made everything better her and I will be in the same movie but not the same scene. Than yesterday I had a hot and fucking exciting shoot me being the exhibitionist that I am soaked it in like no tomorrow, I GOT MY CAR VIRGINITY TAKEN ANAL STYLE... I shot for barley legal for hustler and my male talent and I fucked going down the 405 at 6pm rush hour he stuck it in my ass and in Little T, than popped in my mouth and guzzled the cum down my throat.  it was hot and I loved it, being the spinner I am I could get in doggie, missionary and pile driver like no tomorrow! plus it was luxury because it was a lincoln.. and I hollered and moaned  it was incredible. Its up on my list of favorite scenes.. Hey check out my trailer for my Naughty amateur

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sex All over the place




 View this first!!!
Back from Cleveland Ohio, and had a fantastic time! Shot for,, and I got in to Ohio at about 6pm drove to the studio threw on a school girl outfit and began my first bondage scene. I was abducted and tied up as the scenario, hogtied, gag ball in mouth I squirmed like a worm and screamed like I was being murdered! I really got into the scene. I called him a son of a bitch, fucker, and I told him he was going to get killed once I got untied! Im a vicious one.  But I was impressed how unique those ties are and how well they hold up! looking forward to that scene. Than we headed back to to get some ZzzZZZ and I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, went and jumped on Mike Sinclairs bed and told him lets make porn, he thought I was completely bizarre...because one I was sooo awake and two I was even awake before 10am! Im a rare breed of pornstar. I told him I had to get some food in me first and to Ihop we went, and got the coffee and food and we were ready to roll... Karups was fun to shoot for because not only were my solos great but my boygirl I got to fuck in a gym outfit and theres something that just turns me on about that concept...but I also love sex when camping, maybe its the thought of not being extremely clean and fucking after working out! The adrenaline already pumped! Im also a fan of the skin slapping against each other it might not be some people thing but its that hardship. hm.... I really enjoyed the  boygirl though, it might not have been anal and he got to see how tiny Little T was and I got a shocked reaction which was priceless! I wish I could have got the kodak moment when he slowly slipped his dick in Little T and(tight as a virgin) was the facial expression! after that shoot I got to get BEDAZZLED and got my hitachi, but its a mini one thats badass and plugs into my computer because it has a USB cable and 5 speeds! So that my trip to Ohio and I would go back in a heartbeat! not the best food quality, but the sex was good...
Now that I am back in LA I get to get my Wisdom Teeth pulled EMERGENCY it has turned into so chipmunk face this week, but Ill jump back right afterwards want to be able to blow good and hard  accordingly!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sex and Candy

jessie andrews and trinity st clair
After 10 long and slow days without sex, little T made it home from visiting the family to get treated well and it was like giving candy to a 6 year old. I was in pure ecstasy after so long without sex.. I believe I not only love sex but need it now, its like my own little high that I experience and one thats healthy! its funny prior to porn going without was no biggy, but now its like I need to please myself some way some how everyday, so when I went home to visit the family, even though I wasn't having sex I still pleased myself with my vibrators or hands inside little T! Which I did while watching cartoons eating pb&j on the couch... my mom just asks me why I have my hands in my pants and walks away. Lol priceless moments! But some people wonder why I didn't have sex with someone in my hometown. because I wouldn't touch anyone there with a ten foot pole. Its better to be safe than sorry and I am glad I only went to the Hen house for a margarita at the bar and not to take someone home! It was worth the wait. Now back to action and fucking like crazy my ass and little T is ready to play and play hard I just hope everyone else can keep up... Im going to be busy but busy is better than not. Ill be flying to Ohio to shoot for kurups and get another hitachi, but this one is going to be bedazzled! I also will be doing my first bondage shoot for girlsinabind and than a solo and bj for this trip isnt an anal play but when I get back I have an anal lined up with jules jordan and popwhores! so my ass will be getting attention as well...
Also I do have to mention I have made my first adult actress friend, jessie andrews and shes a keeper!
fuck good and fuck long! Trinity's ready to get back to action!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Naughty School GIrl

My scene For Naughty America came out with Tommy Gunn..I wish people would like it  more, had we gone anal I know I would have preformed better. Tommy was TOO big for Little T and with his strength a little to aggressive for Little T and Miss Trinity because Im a petite one, but he pounded me regardless. I think I took it well to, but boy afterward Little T felt that shoot. Tommy is the AVN Performer of the year, but you know I believe there has to be some chemistry when you meet on set... no matter what the age difference as long as there is a little humor your better off getting the job done and doing it well. So people can redicule me and say I didn't do a good job, but Im still new at this and getting down all the position so I learn and progress forward. Next scene Ill fuck hard and fuck hard good, I show you that Trinity is here to stay with her Virgin tight pussy and you're either going to love me or hate me. Im still going to be here  making those that like me happy! Im not the average pornstar and never will be. So for right now take it in and enjoy my exhibitionist, anal loving side. And wish me luck while until April 12th I only can rely on my Vibrators for pleasure and satisfaction.. good thing there is 6 speeds on one. The reason I have to wait is because Im taking some time to visit family up in Northern California! Well my mom and Grandma! Crazy Italian women we are and Im having a blast with them. But I will be ready to roll when I get back and Sex it up, on account my sunday sexday is not  happening!