Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beauty is Pain

Just to show you what us girls go through in order to feel sexy! beauty is pain and Little T needs to be as smooth as a baby's bottom and you bet she is now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'll fuck you on Hollywood Blvd

Wow great great week! Sunday I shoot with Rocco Reed for Wicked pictures, I was a babysitter gone bad! but let me tell you Rocco is Delicious and yummy I would take him any day anal and vaginal! here's the behind the scene peek that Rocco took and didn't tell me! sneaky that boy is
after that scene the next one to roll up was where that little exhibitionist came out in me and Marc Star wasn't ready for such an open girl to come out. We started out by stripping in a parking garage, and than I wanted to be spider woman and jumped up on a ledge for hollywood to see little T and all her glory! It was windy and I was cold so I did get a few goosebumps on the va gi gi but survived, from there we went to vine street off Hollywood blvd I believe and I wore a jacket, undies heels and a tubetop but I used it as a dress because I'm short enough... I walked up to the balcony of a hotel that faced the street and there I started to strip.. being in La not many noticed but some did! and I loved it, I slowly popped out the itty bittys and let them see Hollywood than I had a man come up and fondle me taking my clothes off right there on the balcony of the random hotel... no one noticed until a car pulled up behind Hustler bat mobile at broke out cameras.. I soaked it in and continued. after that I left my clothes with my fondler and walked back to the car but first went to the car with the camera and it turned out they were PAPARAZZI! LOL I had my own paparazzi, they showed me my pics and than pictures they shot of drew Barrymore. I loved the attention! Our next adventure was to lunch where I played TeasersVOD version of Simon says... during lunch I stripped down to no undies and had brought my vibrator with me I used it after lunch and got juicy and wet! TeasersVOD also are the first ones to teach me a lesson for making a few mistakes and I got a few spanking!Of course the ass enjoyed any attention! I'll be making my first appearance on Teaser in April, hopefully Im liked enough to go back and show LA streets trinity's naked body!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

green penis' and fairy dust

I did it and made it to Playboy Live Radio! What crazy girls that Julia ann and Niki Hunter are! Loved them, Julia wants to keep me in her pocket, and Niki thinks Im adorable, when I got there we couldn't say the word pussy, really!! Do you realize how hard it is to not say pussy in porn... I was the culprit many times! But prior to arriving I stopped at an adult store right around the corner walked in and the cashier asked to see my id WTF? Seriously, I mean seriously.. I was irritated so I went an grabbed my Teen gape movie and said see her ya thats me... he kinda swallowed his tongue! Damn straight fool! lol but I bought the girls green penis straws to drink their mountain dew on the radio! I definitely be going back to talk more with them! Also I got my fairy photos and yes fairies even masturbate or at least trinity does! Not only did I masturbate but with a crystal that slide right into Little T. But now that I was on the radio I have been exposed to my hometown old highschool classmates.. its funny to get the reactions some are like good for you and than some tell me I am a disappointment to my family. Who the fuck do you think you are and first and foremost my family supports me! Secondly don't be a hater, you know you love sex but I get paid to do it!!! I definitely got more followers just because of that! HOT DAMN!123 lets fuck!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virgin Pussy, but not so much Virgin Ass

on my way toWicked Pictures
Its a fact I have a virgin pussy that wont expand, like my nonvirgin ass. Everytime a dick enters the pussy she just doesnt expand and is tighter than with a virgin is what it is like. But hit the ass and she opens up for anyone size doesn't matter to much. hey it doesn't bother me I love it. I just am almost to a point of doing strictly anal scenes. So this life has  been fun and full of sex, and I have been going on lots of go sees to prove Miss trinity really is small and loves sex. Thanks to Al Bundy on twitter he got me a shoot for Earl Miller!  The more my fans want me on certain sites the more likely I will get them, keep it up and let me know to what you want to see from me! When I went to Earl I found out he is celebrating his 40th year in the biz, I can't imagine that but hey by the way I look 40 yrs in the biz for me just might be possible... I got to see some of his work and he has a shoot with actual tigers and pornstars Id do that in a heart beat shooting with a pussycat that big, make the lioness come out of Little T! Earl also agreed with me that Anal looks great on camera because you can see and play with the pussy all u want!! come on I know you guys like to look at little T because shes always full and puffy! and I also went to Wicked Pictures and got a shoot with them male talent will be Rocco Reed.. I got to meet the owner of the company, what do you think if I became a wicked contract girl? I want fans advice and feedback! Because you keep me out there! and I love it! So find me on formspring where yes you can ask me anything. Also I just found out I get off seriously with fingers in the ass and a good pussy licking! hmmm another day in Porn!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day without sexual activity... not going to happen

well I got forgot to tell you about my first girl girl scene, it was great I enjoyed it and the girl I worked with did too, I still love boy girl but I love the tenderness of a girl caressing a girl... its just ever so gentle and soft. But I still love the power of a man, and the strength of him being able to swing me and flip me in any position he wants and desires. During the shoot silly me was scared the girls fake nails might cut me or jab me funny when she was fingering me. LOL but seriously think about it those nails are fake and sharp I don't need my little T to get hurt that way. also I found it kinda fnny the girl went to take a shower after our scene, like we were fucking really hard sorry but girl sex isnt dirty, well at least not for this scene it was a pretty girl scene! and I did enjoy it, but felt I was the more dominate one, which I wanted the other girl to be sense it was my first. oh well beggers can't be choosers or can we??
Than today I was suppose to go to a shoot in bend Oregon however the guy was hesitate about telling me the girls he shot with so I asked around and was advised not to go, so I didn't and good thing I didn't because his site is more rough than trinity can handle and kinda mean. He than emailed me all day saying I need mental help and to get off the drugs...WTF first off I've never done a drug before except caffeine. he was just mad I didn't show, sorry but Im not going to endanger myself. He also threaten to tell production companies not to shoot me and tell them Im crazy... really come on be more professional. But by not going there I got GOOD NEWS 2 shoots for Hustler(barley legal) ANAL and Teasers POV exhibitionist style... my type all over it!
Sex is good and I love it, lets keep it coming...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I DO like human protein

Wow oh Wow... what a killer weekend and full of many firsts... I had a full weekend of my first swallows of cum and you know what I don't mind it one bit. The first swallow was for AmatuerAllure which I was so excited about because not only was it a great and fabulous scene, but I got to be glamorized... and felt absolutely stunning. I was an Italian goddess on set, and my male talent JayJAy who made me feel more than my everyday spinner type because he was about 6'2 much taller than my 5'1 wearing heels I made it to 5'3 :) but being such a big studly man he sure had a big load and holding still with all of it in my month was difficult because i couldn't swallow right away, needed those priceless moment pictures! but he was very fun to work with, on account we turned the scene into ANAL yes I am getting to be very convincing with my scenes, and if you don't believe I like anal look at most of my scenes now!!! I will prove those that don't believe me wrong. Either way both producer and Jay Kay could see my utter enjoyment when he popped his large dick in my tushy and my smile of pleasure appeared on my face.. They both couldnt fathom how I such a petite one could take it in the ass so easily, its honestly a godly thing, my little va gi gi doesnt expand like my ass! yum, than after that hot and sexy scene next stop for my second load of protein was for which was very young girl look and my male talent was totally laid back and chill. And one thing with him is he enjoyed me being rough with his dick, not so gentle and soft but hard strokes to wear my arms were sore, and I was nervous I was going to hurt him! But he loved it and it made me feel more dominate. So all in all human protein is delicious and I will be expecting more! Give it to me!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am Box cover Material

I may not have double D's but close to double A's. I may not weigh over a 100 lbs, I may not be 5 10 with many curves, But Damn it I know Im good if I can make covers and show off my petite spinner size.  I'll show you how that olive skin, brown puppy eyes and long brown hair will soak you up like a sponge and make you want more. Im proud of what I do I love being naked I love having sex... I love having cocks in my ass and I love to be pleasured! Im a sexual girl and even though I don't have fake nails, fake boobs, or a face that doesn't move when I talk. I love that Guys can flip me, carry me, spin me around and hold me when they want me to ride them. I know Im not perfect, but hell I don't want to be... imperfection make little trinity, me. I like that Im spunky, stubborn, Italian, and cute. Take me or leave me but damn it I know I am going to stick around so keep one eye open, slow and steady I will dominate...being the anal one! MUAH!