Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday SEX DAY a NO GO

Wow its quite a shocker going from sex everyday, several times a day to no sex... I miss it! my mind was going on and on and when I am shooting being the sarcastic Italian I am I make sexual sarcastic comments and now no sex and no one to talk dirty to and to think I have 10 more days of this, maybe I will go find some bum off the street, that's good looking take him back to my room and teach him some tricks! On one side I am happy to be home with my family, back to Italian cooking and watching chick shows all day! and Yes I go into detail about some of my shoots with my mom because she and I are very open which works for me and makes everything so much more lighthearted! I mean how often can you go up to your mom and say mom I took it in the ass and the guy got so excited he cumed and the first entrance! LOL or can tell her I am thinking of starting a line with another girl and doing a girl girl action series! No my mom doesn't approve of my job but she doesn't want me to hid anything either. I miss LA, and Philly though I guess I just hate being back in a small town where the only thing people do is play video games and smoke pot... it just gets old really fast. It funny to get the response to when people find out I do porn because they don't know what to say. Its like they are dumbfounded. HA, I not only got out of our small town but I get paid to do what we all love HAVE SEX! Which at the moment I am feeling deprived of!
 Also My 21st is on Thursday that's right little T is going to be 21! although I can look like
I'm 15 but hey the way I very that When I 30 Ill look like Im 20 and when Im 40 Ill look like im 30 how can I go wrong! And people think that I am going to go drink and party up a storm nope actually I am going gambling!! So wish me luck and I wish I had someone to blow my dice for me! Kisses from me to you!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Highschool innocence not so innocent

what a way to leave La with a bang!! 2 highschool scenes that were so completely different... as you all know I am small, and petite to say the least, thats why I love ANAL, and Thursday shoot I shot with the famous Tommy Gunn and that boy is well rounded! I requested length not girth but there must have been some misconception. I tried my hardest to enjoy the scene and make it look good but damn I had a hard time, I want to be honest with everyone! Tommy was a great trooper and professional screwer!I mean he won AVN award but lets just say rough sex its my cup of tea! and I ended up with these
after math of desk sex
riding hard with Tommy Gunn

after that shoot I was a little nervous walking into Innocent High, but after soaking the sore va gi gi and playing with my rubber duckys I got my head on straight and was ready to dominate the next scene which was today... I fucked Marcus London like I had been wanting him for years! Not only was it fun but I was attracted to his accent and his muscles! My innocence was taken, or I just proved I wasn't so sweet and innocent! He was a delight to work with and moving from reverse cowgirl, to doggie to cowgirl was a breeze.. it flowed better than any of my scenes, and made me confident in my performance! Not only was it a good scene but everyone involved was great even TJ Cummings was there, who I definitely will ride one of these days! Although he thinks I can't take him, or he is just scared I will wear him down! :)

and this was after the shoot, look how happy I am
this was before acting INNOCENT

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open up its the Police

Swat... but they weren't here to investigate or conifigate my twat. no but only in La do you go into lockdown at your hotel. Thats right last night I was confide to my hotel room while helicopters twirled around in the sky and police blocked off my hotel. Swat team with bullet proff vest stood in the hallway and told everyone to stay in our room. I wasn't hiding anything but a massive amount of lube, undies and enemas! so as I was locked in my room for 4 hrs. I was bored and my only friend I had was my magic wand so I wasn't to disappointed. I thought about running down the hall naked, just to keep them on their toes, or ordering coffee and donuts, for our hard working police officers, but  it turned out to be a robbery, I mean come on people you can't rob banks and get away with it, it just doesn't work! Than today I was able to spend some awesome with my guys at combat zone! love them... and got a shoot tomorrow as a naughty school girl, what a perfect role for me! so innocent, not! got to go take a hot shower rub off and than dream of good sex nighty night luvs!

Monday, January 24, 2011

69 ME!

Ok so there definitely are benefits to being petite like me, I mean come for the first time I did 69 standing. The guy whipped me around and dug his tongue in my va gi gi and I blew him head first yes there was a rush to the head, mine not his but I sure there was one already. It was fun though... I felt like a real adult model than! I think I want to but the karma sutra  book and try every position there is just to know what they are and how to do them. But I wonder what a guys favorite position is? Im not a doggie style girl but I do like the semi pile drive.
Also I don't know but does it really make a difference if I have fake nails or not, I just am not one to keep up the maintenance and would break them constantly, yet its like a requirement.. who knows its just not my cup of tea!
Ok so my next irritation is when guys have odor, With BO or nasty smelling sacs! I mean come on your having sex with me the least you can do is clean up or put some smelling good stuff on! just please be considerate that my face is by your ass and Im licking and sucking your balls... just clean a little. Sorry just needed to state the obvious!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In my butt, and Im still a WOMAN!

Two more days and feeling GREEAAAT like Tony the Tiger, rawr baby! Would would have thunk it that I little miss trinity, would get off so much to having fingers in my tushy, and having my clit gently touch to wear my legs tense and I feel out of control! A man who knows how to use his hands and tongue on my va gi gi, is a winner for me! Im not going to lie Im a greedy bitch when it comes to receiving I LOVE IT! But often feel obligated to return the favor or feel like I am taking to much time of the fourplay, which in many aspects puts me at the no go zone for an orgasm... huh, torch-er! but damn I do love getting eaten out and when he or She :) finds the spot its a point of no return and Im toast! So that was yesterday, some good hand play no eating though, maybe next time.
But than today, I felt sexier than I have ever before and made a video with dollhousefilms, and my makeup artist captured a look like none other I felt sultry, seductive and ready to literally fuck the brains out of any man around me! Naughty Naughty girl I am. but not girl, woman because thats what I felt like. Yes I may only be 20 but I still want to be sexy and considered sexy is that a problem?? But the video I did was a striptease in 3D yes 3D that means it looks like Im touching you, and caressing you. Wanting you to touch me! Its amazing, Im not going to lie! Its crazy to think I have been in LA for a week already, and I really don't want to leave, Im meeting AMAZING people and working with AMAZING people... Im just going to soak it up and think when I leave its just a see you later!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A blah BLAH day...but

Today was full of wind and scheduling, emailing, and the stuff you don't want to do but gotta! However yesterday I shot a striptease and solo masturbation thats going to be on PAYPERVIEW!! that means, charter, dish, direct Trinity will be seeing you in April! I had fun, I never been much of a striptease person but I got into soo much, the music took over and I just felt it with my body and motioned and moved to it! Very sensual and sexy and thats how I felt. after the shoot though of course I hit LA traffic, when it should take you 20 mins took over an hr!! but great time to catch up on tunes and people picking their noses! but I am reminded at how much gas is burned.
I met Ivy Winters today, about having AMA be my agent, but I knew going in that I wasn't going for it, because I don't want to be under a contract with anyone. no offense to agencies or agents, but Im a go getter and love working direct with people because I feel more in the know of things. but Ivy seems like a great person, wouldn't mind doing a scene with her. but if I do a scene GG I want it to be with Leanna Leigh or Molly.
You know what would be funny is to do a GG scene with ELLEN DEGRENERES LOL that would be interesting, plus she can dance I bet she can do other things well too! and no I am not a lesbian just very curious, because the womans body is sooo incredible and women know what we like! I wonder what other girl I would look go working with?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Started off Anal

So after being Jet lagged from Philly, I made my way to my first scene monday shooting for Combat zone Anal Style MY FAVORITE!! I shot with Mike Adriano who is HUGE! But sexy as hell with his Spaniard accent and green eyes! The scene was awesome but he used soooooooo much lube that after the scene and 6 hours later I still had lube coming out my ass! But for the rest of the day my asshole felt free as a bird! Cherp Cherp!
Than today not only did I hook up With Awesome Smash Pictures, and get my smooth little T waxed and cleaned but I had my first BBG scene for that ended with 2 loads of cum in my little va gi gi, not going to I loved it because of the talent could eat pussy like no tomorrow, and found my G spot and made me cum twice, I am greedy and love to have someone who know what they are doing go down on me. We did several positions switching from one guy to the other. We even did Vag Piledrive. which left me with little T va gi gi fluffs, meaning farts.. but fluffs sound less dirty :) It was great the team I worked with was fast kept up the energy and I recommend girls to the for sure. But one things for sure my little va gi gi has felt the love for the night.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

I have arrived lets get busy!

My flight yesterday was great, no delays no crazy people and yes my ALL my luggage made it here safely, one of my fears is lost luggage!!! But let me just say who ever is sitting next to me must get an eyeful because I am a drooler... LOL I drool all over myself and every time I wake up my shirt or jacket sometimes hair is wet! It must be a youtube moment! But once I got to La I felt the excitement start! first I started off with the heat 81 degrees, that's what I am talking about all though I was dressed for in the 20's! 2 shirts, sweater, jacket... lets just say I started to get a little hot! Got off the plane got my car rental, got my hotel after all that of course I ran into trouble. First off I'm not 21 so getting a car was a pain and the guy was an ASS, but I got one. however the Damn AC didn't work, are you kidding me!??? No AC and I was pissed. I have to take the car back tonight, but before that I locked the keys in the truck of the car while I was taking my luggage out! and get this the assholes disabled the truck opening button on the cars. I called them up to ask for a spare key and if they could bring it to me! They said it would be 100 dollar charge to do so... WTF! I just paid 500 to rent your damn car!
Long story short I convinced the Security guard here to let me use his car, and go get the spare. Yes without giving him a blowjob or handjob this older man let me, a random person use his car to go get the spare... so an hour later I was able to drive the fucking no AC working CAR!! Well now its time to start my shoot schedule and yes Luvs its ANAL!! YAY! I'M doing to dominate it!
Wish me luck and Ill keep you updated... also for all those that want a seek pick of me  look here

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello East coast I'll be back soon!

So I hope everyone checked out my Eastcoast initiation scene!
check it!

Getting Horny!

Its crazy to think I will be doing sexual activities for 2 weeks straight starting tomorrow... La I hope your warmer than here! Because I keep my hotel room set at 80 yes 80 degrees. Im small I need the heat! I need to get my hitachi out though, just thinking about the sex Im going to get is exciting! I never thought I would be such a horny girl, but I am and love it. I wonder who the lucky male talent is going to be?

Friday, January 14, 2011

I love photos as much as videos!

When I work with photographers I get to seduced that camera! I Feel more sexy!

LA here I come

SO close yet SO far away, Im on my way to do some crazy shoots in La, its my 2nd time there. The first time was a blast working with West Coast and Terry, I got drilled by wesley pikes in my Ass. It turned out to be my first DVD Teen Anal Gape Factory! I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm going to try my best to blog often to keep everyone updated, with little T's life!